Management Team


Alan Duretz, MBA, CCP--President
(Certified Compliance Professional)
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David J. Routenberg--VP
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Medical Director: Jacquiline Pevny, MD

Network Nurse Practitioners

Paul Clements, Ph.D., ARNP
Jane A. Dacri, ARNP
Michelle Demenkow, RN, PhD, ARNP

Network Psychology Providers

Ileana Bascuas, JD, Ph.D. (+10 years)
Paul Clements, ARNP, Ph.D. (5 years)
Roberto Desdin, Ph.D. (+15 years)
Michelle Demenkow, RN, Ph.D. (8+ years)
Carmen Galano, Ph.D
Athena Gordon, Ph.D.
Kim Guiliani, Ph.D.
David S. Holland, Psy.D. (+8 years)
George Jacinto, Ph.D, LCSW
Carol Kyle, Ph.D.
Donna LaFlamme, Ph.D. (10 years)
Mark Manuel, Psy.D. (+8 years)
Delwin Pitzer, Psy.D. (+10 years)
Laura Robinson, Ph.D. (8 years)
Lawrence Simon, Ph.D. ( 8 years)
David Smiley, Ph.D.
Carmen Tozzo, Ph.D.
Gary Witkin, Ph.D.

Network Podiatry Providers

John Davenport, DPM
Jaynell Smith-Cameron, DPM

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